Food and Fine Chemicals

A Gentle and Flexible Solution

Processing plant

Simatek Universal Elevators are unique for the conveying of fragile products taking particular consideration to the quality and structure of the product.   The minimum mechanical impact on the product reduces the development of dust which, in combination with the closed design, secures a very clean conveying solution.   Dust aspiration is only necessary when filling and emptying the elevator.

Simatek Universal Elevator - Production of snacks

A Gentle and Flexible Solution

Aromatic products will maintain their volatile aromas during this gentle conveying, contrary to pneumatic handling.


Simatek Universal Elevators may be delivered in an open or closed design and with a choice of materials according to customer requests.   The elevator parts touching the product are offered in food approved materials and finish.   To avoid product contamination the elevators are delivered in a design eliminating internal product sediments. Controlled atmosphere As an option, Simatek Universal Elevators may be delivered in a heated and insulated execution with internal humidity control.