Frequency Converter

A Gentle and Flexible Solution

get full utilization of the elevator Simatek Frequency Converter is adapted to the elevator to get operational optimization, monitoring and protection against breakdown. When using a frequency converter you will get full utilization of the elevator as to the desired capacity. 


Simatek Frequency Converter is an accessory making it possible to choose the desired chain speed within the limitations of the elevator.

The chain speed is adjusted so that the buckets will be filled optimally. In this way you will obtain the optimum utilisation of the elevator capacity. At the same time you will ensure that the elevator does not run faster than necessary which means that service parts and moving parts in the elevator are not loaded more than necessary.

The frequency converter will  ensure a soft acceleration and deceleration.

Avoid unnecessary expenses due to heavy breakdowns

The frequency converter software is developed to protect the elevator against breakdown. The software in the frequency converter constantly monitors the power consumption. If an accident occurs which causes the power consumption to increase suddenly, the elevator will immediately be brought to a stop.

The software also monitors any slowly increasing power consumption caused by wear, product accumulation, or the like. In these cases the elevator will also be brought to a stop.

The software will monitor according to a fixed limit in the parameters of the frequency converter, which is set at the inlet.


The frequency converter provides the opportunity of two operational modes:

Mode 1: For elevators fed with a continuous, constant product flow.

Mode 2: For elevators fed with varying product flows, or where there is a risk of running the buffer bin empty.

Most feeding systems only work optimally if there is  continuous product in front of the feeding system. Here you can change between two speeds, either a speed adapted to the maximum capacity or an idle speed, when there is not enough product to fill the buckets.

At an idle speed the feeding system is stopped, and the elevator continues at low speed until there is enough product in the buffer bin again. This operation mode has to be controlled by level sensors in a buffer bin. Level sensors and buffer bins are not part of the standard delivery.