Quality and reliability since 1981

Originally Simatek Bulk Systems was part of Simatek A/S. However, in January 1996 Simatek Bulk Systems was set up as an independent company within the Simatek group.  

Becoming an independent company, Simatek Bulk Systems focused on designing and developing new types of elevators meeting the demands of the industry.  

Already back in the beginning of the 1980s we found that there was a potential market for the bucket elevator. So we decided to take up the competition with the international manufacturers, and in 1981 we launched our first bucket elevator. At the time we were the only Danish manufacturer of bucket elevators.  

Today, our elevators are considered to be leading in the market due to our high quality and reliability standards, and they are sold on a world-wide basis, supplying customers all over the world.  

From the very start the bucket elevator proved to be absolutely ideal in situations where gentle handling and flexibility is necessary, and the elevator is a successful means of conveying products in several industries.

Continued technology development has made it possible to apply our bucket elevator in the food, aqua feed, pet food and fine chemical industry, and this is a considerable market for us today. 





The picture shows the first bucket elevator developed by Simatek Bulk Systems back in 1981.
Today, this elevator is still in use conveying snacks and popcorn.