…careful conveying of bulk products

Simatek Bulk Systems’ mission is:

– to successfully manufacture top quality bucket elevators to a global market with the purpose of contributing with a flexible and space-saving conveying system which ensures careful conveying of bulk products.
Simatek Bulk Systems’ vision is:

– to continue developing mechanical conveying systems for the careful conveying of bulk products in an efficient and economical manner. By doing so, we will be the leaders on the global market within our core areas, i.e. development, sales, and servicing of bucket elevators.  

In addition Simatek Bulk Systems shall:

– through innovation and daily operations continue to maintain our role as a trustworthy and reliable company in areas where product development, material selection, production methods, reliability, and not least the environment is in focus.  

– maintain high standards within our after sales service, both with existing and new customers in mind.

– offer optimal servicing of our elevators in order to maintain a satisfied and loyal customer base. 

– continue to be of good repute as a good and attractive workplace with a safe and healthy work environment.