Grain, Seed & Feed

Simatek Universal Elevators - a gentle and flexible solution

Gentle conveyance of fragile products

A long-running development process focusing on reliability, maintenance and a flexible design has resulted in a broad variety of pendulum bucket elevators which have been customised according to the comprehensive demands of the industry to in-house transportation of grain, seed and feed.  

The Biomar plant in Pargua, Chile

Proper handling of seeds

Simatek Universal Elevators are the optimum conveyors for process lines within the seed processing industry. Seeds tend to be fragile and germination can be significantly reduced if the seeds are handled improperly.

Aqua Feed & Pet Food

Simatek Universal Elevators are unique for the conveying of extruded pellets with special consideration to maintaining the structure and quality of the pellets. From filling to emptying of the pendulum buckets the product will not be affected by any mechanical impacts. This will secure an unchanged pellet quality without fines formation.

Sorting Plants

For simultaneous conveying of several seed qualities, our divided buckets are ideal. The risk of product contamination can be avoided when using divided buckets. This is a good solution for sorting plants.