Overband magnets

Continuous removal of ferromagnetic particles

Overband magnets – also known as conveyor belt magnets – remove iron particles from raw materials and automatically and continuously transport them away. They are suitable for installation over a conveyor belt during bulk handling or in the recycling industry. Overband magnets are a reliable and efficient method for separating larger quantities of iron.

Overband magnets can be placed inline or diagonally over a conveyor belt. They are self-cleaning – they continuously pull the iron particles out of the material flow and discharge them to the side of the belt. The efficiency of overband magnets varies from 70-90% removal. This depends on the magnet’s design, the product flow, and the placement. They are available as either permanent magnets (ferrite or neodymium) or as electromagnets.

  • Easy to install
  • Continuous, automatic cleaning
  • Ferrite, neodymium, or electromagnet
  • For belt widths from 400-1600 mm
  • Various options for mobile or stationary installation.

Permanent overband magnet

Ferrite overband magnets

Ferrite overband magnets offer a cost-effective solution. They are suitable for handling thin to thick layers of product and do not require a control box. These magnets are highly reliable and available in many belt widths. They come in crossbelt or in-line versions for installation over conveyor belts or pulleys.

  • Crossbelt or in-line installation
  • For belt widths 400-1600 mm
  • Easy to install
  • Permanent magnet
  • Max installation height 450 mm


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Neodymium overband magnets

Neodymium overband magnets are lightweight, compact, and powerful. They are suitable for handling fine fractions in product layers with limited height. They can also separate weakly magnetic parts. They do not require a control box and are available with a hydro-motor. The magnet is often used in mobile installations.

  • Lightweight and compact solution
  • Built-in stainless steel
  • Electro or hydro drive
  • Non-switchable (permanent magnet)
  • Captures Fe particles from 1 mm


For further information, please visit www.goudsmitmagnets.com.

Electro overband magnets

Electro overband magnets are heavy, robust, and extremely powerful. They are equipped with a deep-reaching magnetic field and are therefore suitable for handling larger product layers. They require a control box. The magnet can be switched on and off for servicing and cleaning.

  • Requires electrical power supply
  • Max installation height 600 mm
  • For belt widths 800-1600 mm
  • Switchable on and off (electromagnet)
  • Max layer thickness 450 mm


For further information, please visit www.goudsmitmagnets.com.