Magnetic bars

Filtering out magnetic impurities from product streams

These highly powerful Neoflux® (neodymium) magnet rods / magnetic bars are designed to remove small ferromagnetic impurities (such as those originating from processed stainless steel and iron oxides) from product streams – powders and granules – in pipeline systems. Goudsmit’s strongest magnetic rods can even remove fine weakly magnetic impurities like wear particles from stainless steel 316.

Magnetic rods are the building blocks of many of Goudsmit’s magnetic filtration systems – such as magnetic grids, cleanflow magnets, and magnetic filters.

The magnetic rods are available in different magnet qualities, sizes, connections, etc. All types are encapsulated in a waterproof, welded housing made of stainless steel 316L and have a smooth, polished surface.

  • Neodymium magnets (N42 / N42SH / N52)
  • Very powerful
  • Waterproof
  • Length 100-600mm
  • Tube material AISI316L
Construction & Material Data

As standard, the magnets are encapsulated in a waterproof welded housing made of stainless steel, protecting the magnets and pole plates in the rods from corrosion. The rods have a smooth surface, making them easy to clean.

Materials – in contact with product: AISI316L (SS 1.4404)

Connections: 1 or 2 x M6 or M8

Magnet Qualities:

MagnetkvalitetGauss (Brutto)TmaxGauss (på staven Ø23)
GSN-42Br. 13.300 gaussTmax. 80 °C10.700 gauss
GSN-42SHBr. 13.300 gaussTmax. 140 °C10.700 gauss
GSN-52Br. 14.800 gaussTmax. 80 °C11.400 gauss
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