Suspension magnets

For installation over conveyor belts

Block and Plate Magnets remove ferromagnetic (Fe) particles such as iron and steel, or even weakly magnetic particles like processed stainless steel, from raw materials containing relatively low amounts of metal in one or more steps.

These magnets are suitable for installation over conveyor belts, for instance, in the recycling industry. The metal particles are pulled out from the raw material stream and held onto by the magnet. This results in a clean iron fraction that is suitable for immediate recycling.

They are used to monitor incoming product streams and to protect machinery such as shredders and sieves. Cleaning can be done manually or automatically.

  • Easy to install
  • Captures Fe particles from 1 mm
  • Wide range of sizes and flange types
  • Manual wiping or auto cleaning
  • Ferrite, neodymium, or electromagnetic

Block magnets

Permanent Suspension Block Magnets

Permanent suspension block magnets are suitable for the removal of steel parts, primarily in the recycling industry or for the protection of mills. Installation can be done up to 400 mm above the conveyor belt.

  • Max. installation height: 400 mm
  • Captures Fe particles from 1 mm
  • Various dimensions and flange types
  • For belt widths 400-1600 mm
  • Easy to install
  • Manual cleaning or ‘quick cleaning’ (extractor)


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Electro Suspension Block Magnets

Electro suspension block magnets are suitable for removing large steel parts from bulk flows or in the recycling industry. They are suitable for larger installation heights and can be turned on and off.

  • Max. installation height: 400 mm
  • Captures Fe particles from 3 mm
  • Manual ‘quick cleaning’
  • Can be turned on and off (electromagnet)
  • Power supply required
  • Max. temperature 80°C


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Plate magnets

Neodymium Plate Magnets

Neodymium plate magnets are extremely powerful, compact, and lightweight. They are suitable for separating ferrous impurities ranging from 30 µm to 3 mm. Constructed from stainless steel, they are waterproof. Cleaning is done manually (wiping).

  • Magnet grade Neodymium GSN-35
  • Br. 11,200 gauss (at 20°C), Tmax. 80°C
  • Captures Fe particles from 30 µm
  • Manual cleaning (wiping)
  • Max. holding field 180 mm


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Ferrite Plate Magnets

Ferrite plate magnets are more cost-effective, less powerful, and larger compared to Neodymium magnets. They can be used at temperatures up to 100°C. They remove ferrous impurities from 0.5 mm. They are not suitable for weakly magnetic stainless steel.

  • Magnet grade Ferrite GSFD-33 – Br.4100 gauss
  • Captures Fe particles from 0.5 mm
  • Manual cleaning (wiping)
  • Max. temperature 100°C
  • Max. holding field 140 mm


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