Magnetic inspection rods

Neodymium magnet rod integrated into the pipe

A magnetic inspection rod allows you to investigate whether the product is contaminated with ferromagnetic (Fe) particles. The inspection rods attract Fe particles down to 30 µm. These very small Fe particles cannot be detected by a metal detector.

A Goudsmit inspection rod is a strong Neodymium (Neoflux®) magnet rod, built into a stainless steel tube (extractor) with a handle attached to the rod. Captured Fe particles can be easily removed by pulling the magnet rod out of the outer tube (away from the product), causing the Fe particles to fall off the tube.

Certified and audited Available from stock in the Netherlands Neodymium magnet (10,000 gauss on the surface) Manual “quick cleaning” Permanent magnet

Technical data

Type: Test magnetic rod Ø25/23 mm

Included: Extractor tube, handle, and case

Application: Searching for and removal of ferromagnetic particles

Function: The magnet is held in the product or product stream and attracts/retains the ferromagnetic particles.

Length: (magnetic rod): 150 mm (available in other dimensions)

GSN-52: Br. 14,800 Gauss / 11,400 Gauss on the rod / 8,400 Gauss on the extractor tube.

Temperature: -20 °C to +80 °C

Length: 275 mm

Width: 220 mm

Height: 65 mm

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