Cleanflow magnets

Goudsmit Cleanflow magnets (magnetic separators with drawer/extraction) are magnetic separators built into a housing, equipped with powerful neodymium magnetic rods. They filter out small iron-containing impurities down to 30 µm from powders and granulates in gravity chutes systems as well as in low-pressure pipe systems.

The powerful neodymium magnetic rods are positioned directly in the product flow, ensuring optimal magnetic contact and removal of iron-containing impurities.

Possible applications in: plastics, food, pharmaceutical, and ceramic industries. The systems are available with either manual quick-cleaning, semi-automatic cleaning, or automatic cleaning with/without product flow interruption. They are divided into two groups – static Cleanflow magnets and rotating Cleanflow magnets.

  • Optimal magnetic contact
  • Captures iron and weakly magnetic particles
  • Max. particle size 10 mm
  • Available in standard, food-grade, or pharmaceutical-grade versions
  • Equipped with neodymium magnetic rods
Static Cleanflow magnets

Suitable for granulates and dry, free-flowing powders.

Rotating Cleanflow magnets

Suitable for powders and granulates with poor flowability.

“Watch a selection of our Cleanflow magnets in this YouTube video.