Transporting, Securing, and Lifting of Ferromagnetic Objects

Magnets for handling are used for the transportation, transfer, securing, and lifting of ferromagnetic products. The possibilities for applications are countless. These magnets can be used for handling, transporting, and lifting steel sheets, profiles, and nails. They are also an ideal solution for lifting cans or glass containers (with steel lids) or for holding, moving, or adjusting steel products.

Demagnetization systems are also part of Goudsmit’s program – they reduce undesired magnetism that develops in steel products or tools after various process steps or when in contact with magnets.

  • In-house test center at Goudsmit in the Netherlands
  • Delivered according to customer needs and requirements
  • 60 years of experience
  • Quality and reliability


Removal or reduction of unwanted magnetism Undesired magnetism costs both time and money. It attracts dirt, dust, or adhesive materials, reduces the quality of the

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Magnetic welding holders

Temporary attachment of steel objects “MagSquare” holding magnets – also known as magnetic welding holders or magnetic clamps – are used for temporarily securing steel

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Plate demagnetizers

For handling stacked steel plates Magnetic plate separators, separate adhesive or oily steel plates, preventing two plates from being picked up simultaneously. This ensures a

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Magnetic grippers

Transport, securing, and lifting of ferromagnetic objects Magnetic lifters and end-of-arm tooling enable the manual or automatic retrieval of steel objects. All types are operated

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